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Linda Arpino, MA, RD, CDN

For Television

Linda Arpino enjoys using culinary demonstrations to teach individuals about the use of food as prevention for heath and as medicine to help medical conditions. She uses many recipes from her book, Eat Fit, Be Fit: Health and Weight Management. She is available to speak on hot nutrition topics, especially her special interest in combating childhood obesity. Linda recently taped a program for employees collaborating with the American Dietetic Association, American Pediatric Association and the Clinton Foundation, among others in the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. It was a three part program with former President Clinton.

As an advocate for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the American Dietetic Association’s Coding and Coverage Chairperson, Linda has worked throughout her career seeking nutrition insurance coverage especially for childhood obesity with insurance companies and corporations, 2009. She is available to address the need for nutrition coverage in health care reform.

For Magazines and Print Media, Linda is often quoted on timely topics such as Eating Healthy Out in Restaurants, Calorie Wise Beverages, Portion Distortion, Cholesterol Management in Children and Teens, Eating Disorders, and Foods for Your Immune System.

For Publications such as books, professional journals and newsletters, and websites she is available to write chapters and articles on nutrition topics such as Pediatric Obesity and Childhood Dyslipidemia’s.

For Radio, Webinars and Television, Linda enjoys speaking out to empower individuals to choose foods that build a foundation for health. This can cover a wide variety of topics such as use of food verses supplements, setting healthy eating boundaries for children without destroying self esteem, and creating a calming environment in your life to combat emotional eating.

For Webinars for Registered Dietitians, Linda offers private practice seminars, “Rise to Success: In Nutrition Private Practice” focusing on development strategies, reimbursement and marketing to maintain a viable thriving revenue stream in a difficult economic environments. She is the current chair of the American Dietetic Association’s Coding and Coverage Committee.

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