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Life Focus Nutrition™ is a holistic approach to maintain optimum nutrition and longevity.  Evidence based research now demonstrates that our health is directly related to nutritional intake and activity. Proper lifestyle choices and the time we take to relax helps reduce our risks of getting diabetes, certain types of cancer, and heart disease. Stress, anxiety, inactivity, and emotional imbalances all have an effect on digestion, brain chemistry, and even good cell formation verses harmful cancer cell development. The Life Focus program has helped thousands of people, especially children achieve healthy weight, lower cholesterol and control diabetes. Find out how we can help you and your family!

As part of the Life Focus Nutrition, medical nutrition therapy is a step by step process to identify imbalances and design strategies to create positive change.

Life Focus Nutrition helps improve the balance of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein, sugar, fat and sodium that may be excessive or depleted and add foods rich in natural phytonutrients (plant based nutrients). There are thousands of these nutrients and each one has a different benefit in the body. We have the tools to stay healthy, it is up to us to decide to use them. Sounds easy, but when life is busy it may be hard, so we help to make it easier.

This program helps you create healthy habits including menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and daily routines like sleep, meal timing, spirituality or mediation, and exercise. We help you with reducing food cravings, mood swings, organizing time to better eat relaxed and not rushed. Regular sessions coach individuals and families on how create change and how to deal with obstacles that get in the way of positive eating behavior.

Coaching and support helps you create positive changes to Eat Fit and Be Fit. In private consultations, we decide together your level of readiness for change, what works best for you to conquer negative habits and empower your accomplishments. Whether you need weekly, monthly or yearly support, we can meet your busy schedule. Telephone consults and webinars may be offered if your priority is reducing health risks, and you do not have a medical condition.


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“I can’t believe how easy a 26 pound weight loss has been in such a short time. I am still able to eat out! I am off all my medication and the blood pressure is good now. Learning the importance of eating relaxed each day helps.”

“My pediatrician told me I needed help to get my 4 year old daughter's weight to a healthier level. I cannot believe that in six months we see her growing and not gaining, and now she has a normal healthy weight by eating better meals and snacks.”

“After having breast cancer and maintaining remission, I have not only gotten to a healthier weight but have a very different outlook on what is right to eat and focus on what’s most important. I have never felt better!”

“I weighed 306 pounds when I started struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome.  In six months, I lost 62 pounds, got pregnant and now have maintained my weight right before pregnancy!”

“I feel great, now I am turning 14, and have lost 16 pounds and have more energy. I don’t like eating the way I used to.”

“When we first came, 'N' was 5 years old and overweight, now he has grown without gaining and is at a normal level weight. My husband and I could not have done it without Linda, she taught me how to set healthy boundaries and not give into unhealthy choices every time we ate out or went shopping.”

“After a Leukemia relapse and a bone marrow transplant, I went through a lot. [Now] at 21 celebrating my recovery, I am eating vegetables and other plant-based foods. [It] helps my immune system and [I eat] a lot less junk food. I am now feeling great and even went to Ireland!”

“My sons cholesterol was so high but with the changes in diet and activity, thanks to your help we do not have to start medication at age 10.”

A three year old boy had a low stature because of so many food allergies, including wheat, milk, eggs and nuts.  His mom said, ”In one month, he is not only improving in weight, I have greater peace of mind in having new recipes and products to offer him.”

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